Investing for the future

Currently I am digging through the investing world. My degree was in Finance, but not until now, the passion only bloom. Never mind to be a late bloomer though. it’s un-mainstream *cough*.

I even have decided on my investing principle: I am a fundamentalist. In the future I want to invest in the companies that really hold values and do good work. I think as long as you stay true to your goal and do what is correct, shouldn’t it brings you to growth? 

But first, I am building it from the very bottom: my everyday habit. Things got to change for good. Early rise? yes. Manage spaces and time orderly? yes. Take good care of myself through positive habits? definitely.

I also have a name in mind for few days already. I want it to be the dot com name for future personal site. I think this is the one.


Dark Ages

Just a quick thought:

Don’t you think, everybody must at some point has their darkest point in life? Dark matters that once closed, ought not to be shared or talked about. It’s just people are having it at each different point in their life. I had mine early, and made peace about it.

reading vs writing

I like reading and I like writing. But if I have to choose, I will read. It’s great. I read like a hungry being. Swallowed up everything. Just read. Writing is another thing.

It is easier to read. Writing includes thinking, editing yourself, and not forgetting, the set up. Setting up stationary, setting up laptop.., while reading,is so much easier. Pop a book. Charge the Kindle. then curl up a good couch and swallow it all. I mean. Read it all.

But writing can be more satisfying (as it is frustrating) because it gives you output. It redempts you. It’s as if something tangible comes out straight of your mind.

I came up with that excuses above for not writing more, while I walked back home. I was asking myself constantly: Why are you not writing more? What are you waiting for? what holds you bac? how do you use the time?

by the way I read a lot of Penelope Trunk today. like, a lot.

Ok I’m now off to construct some well-structured reasoning for tomorrow’s need.


things I learned today

things I learned today, in a few points:

Secret spreads fast. Even when you think you only tell people you trusted. If it’s meant to be a secret, keep it as one. I know it’s hard, I know, I know.

I found a nice site: , a site to publish you own newspaper from your own chosen sources

This Passenger guy is nice. I heard his song on the radio, wrote down the lyric, and googled for the title and complete song. the tittle is Let Her Go.

ok so now give me some time to immerse in the song, thinking i’m the girl who being let go. Moving on with my new life, let alone the guy sitting in the dark corner in his room sing the lyric slowly.

Edited: I actually wanted to do the Daily Prompt from Daily Post on Viral, but there come the laziness, our biggest evil. Boom. It actually uses my bed to talk to me. come come come be sleazy here, it whispers. 

on implied lying

Today I did what I call, implied lying

But it made feel as bas real lying.

Implied lying is when you didn’t actually lying directly, but you said something that made people implied of something that is not right.

For me it is as bad as lying. I hate myself right now. Not gonna do it again 😦

I woke up at 7 today btw. Felt great for that part.

Just when I think I run out of ideas

I realized I am not running out of ideas. It is just I’m swayed by laziness and auto-circuit of delaying things and eventually not doing it.

But my friend I tell you I am not losing!

What I did this evening:

1. Went out for dinner with colleagues and after some disappointment of closed stores, ate at a place nearby the closed place instead. Had vegetable and chicken soup

2. Follow others to a hypermarket. Bought another Takoyaki. stroll around.

3. Bought a cup of corns. Went back home.

4. Home, took shower and all

5. Open up internet, read up LinkedIn Today posts (nourishment!)

6. Read news on articles Slamming Sheryl Sandberg because her Lean In editor looking for unpaid interns in NYC with very specific quality. which criticized being totally in reverse with Lean-In message at all. (Because for unpaid internship in NYC with regular hours, how could not-so-privileged girls not wedded out? unfair world huh. She, the editor asked for someone highly organized and social chops too. right.)

7. Almost deceived by a hoax post in Facebook that Jackie Chan passed away

8. Remembered to write here


That above, is my evening for today. And No, I didnt succeed yet this morning for early wake up.

I really want to apply that lesson of Duhig, behind a habis is: Cue -> Routine -> Reward . Let’s identify and recognize em!

1. Cue: In-Between conciousness, still on bed, alarm snooze

2. Routine: Let go the willpower to wake up, thinking there are still time, snooze alarm, sleep again

3. Rewards: I can continue my super adventurous dream, sometimes controlling it, feel the pillow on my face, pulling the blanket.

Although I’m not pretty sure about the analysis above, but I’m thinking maybe the problem lies at the snooze button? made me think it is possible to sleep a little bit more, snuggle a little bit more, for another 5 mins. But then it continues to another 5 minutes.. times ten.

Hmm ok I’ll try tomorrow with more reachable standard: 7AM, with no snooze. And yes my Lord God, help me.


Tuesday and Morning, what do you see in the Mirror? (me?)

Okay, so when I started writing here, I also manage to find The Daily Post at , and it provides what many of aspiring blog writers like me find handy: Writing prompts, and a community.

Although I’m not sure if I can commit to follow the prompts daily, but I’ll start with those I can relate easily. Today’s: 

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?


It’s like answering an interview question! Alright, my blog, this recent one, is a reflection of my commitment to write consistently. It does not have fancy features, fonts, animation and whistles and bells, but I spent hours looking for the theme I use now (It’s HUM Theme btw :). It is all I need: Neat, tidy layout, good fovus on post, and run smoothly on any browser (because it’s simple)

My choice of theme and name reflects how I want to focul solely on the writing commitment, while everything else kept simple but still my style enough. I like hues of grey, with accent of a center Visual and colors (which explain my like to the Titles and Yellow Tram image).

I used free theme and alias, which show my starting and free nature. This can be something someday, maybe. I even dream of getting my own .com domain and write confidently there. I hope we’re heading there? and alias allows me to write freely. Not that I want to write controversial stuff or insult something, but because there is something liberating to write without your name attached to it.

I did not really understand when I used to read around that using Free allows you no widgets and stuff, but upon making my own, I realised how useful it is to put things in your site. I will in the future, I said that already: I will even buy my own .com domain *ambitions burning*


But here I told you the beauty of free like the one I’m having now: You can totally focus on your writing consistency. Well, at least for me. I will be tempted to tinker and add stuff If allowed! Design, theme, widgets, comments.. .

but for the time being and the daily time I have, this is already near perfect. This is something I looked forward for.

In Conclusion it reflects my life now: It doesn’t have everything I wanted yet, but the focus is already on what matters to me. and I tell you, it is all good.