things I learned today

things I learned today, in a few points:

Secret spreads fast. Even when you think you only tell people you trusted. If it’s meant to be a secret, keep it as one. I know it’s hard, I know, I know.

I found a nice site: , a site to publish you own newspaper from your own chosen sources

This Passenger guy is nice. I heard his song on the radio, wrote down the lyric, and googled for the title and complete song. the tittle is Let Her Go.

ok so now give me some time to immerse in the song, thinking i’m the girl who being let go. Moving on with my new life, let alone the guy sitting in the dark corner in his room sing the lyric slowly.

Edited: I actually wanted to do the Daily Prompt from Daily Post on Viral, but there come the laziness, our biggest evil. Boom. It actually uses my bed to talk to me. come come come be sleazy here, it whispers. 


to be a morning person

My whole life, I want to be a morning person. I am not a natural morning person AT ALL. My successful attempts didn’t last, but as I grow older, the more I annoyed myself when I woke up at times like 10am or 1pm.

Therefore I’d like to build all this morning wall again. I don’t want to give up to myself. I can certainly do better.

Although I won’t deny how much I love sleep. It is sometimes a form of escapism. My dreams are thematic and adventurous at most of the time. Like blockbuster kind of adventurous. It ranges from dragon to outer space to espionage to the-end-of-the-world. It’s very addictive and keeps you coming back. I’ll only wake up to turn off the alarm, then close my eyes yet again to continue about it. it’s the hardest part.

I want to build this long term: to wake up at 6am every morning, have an hour with myself to pray, contemplate, plan my day. Before life comes running me from one thing to another

I shall report back here how is it going tomorrow morning. I hope I’ll do fine, since I had lots of coffee today and usually it made me sleep less.

After I do wake up at 6 or 5 tommorrow, I want to go for a run. Ate a cow’s worth of junk food today. Oh dear.