Investing for the future

Currently I am digging through the investing world. My degree was in Finance, but not until now, the passion only bloom. Never mind to be a late bloomer though. it’s un-mainstream *cough*.

I even have decided on my investing principle: I am a fundamentalist. In the future I want to invest in the companies that really hold values and do good work. I think as long as you stay true to your goal and do what is correct, shouldn’t it brings you to growth?¬†

But first, I am building it from the very bottom: my everyday habit. Things got to change for good. Early rise? yes. Manage spaces and time orderly? yes. Take good care of myself through positive habits? definitely.

I also have a name in mind for few days already. I want it to be the dot com name for future personal site. I think this is the one.


What is your color?

Mine is grey. I know it when I was about 10 or 11, when an aunt bought me pair of T-Shirts, very plain and basic, Japanese kind of simplicity.

One was white with black and grey collar. The other one is simply grey. I love it when I saw the later. This is my color, I thought. 

(btw the shirt looked like this:)


I never look back since then.

For me Grey is not noticeable, but powerful at times when it needs to be. Disappear at the background when not needed. That kind of personality