reading vs writing

I like reading and I like writing. But if I have to choose, I will read. It’s great. I read like a hungry being. Swallowed up everything. Just read. Writing is another thing.

It is easier to read. Writing includes thinking, editing yourself, and not forgetting, the set up. Setting up stationary, setting up laptop.., while reading,is so much easier. Pop a book. Charge the Kindle. then curl up a good couch and swallow it all. I mean. Read it all.

But writing can be more satisfying (as it is frustrating) because it gives you output. It redempts you. It’s as if something tangible comes out straight of your mind.

I came up with that excuses above for not writing more, while I walked back home. I was asking myself constantly: Why are you not writing more? What are you waiting for? what holds you bac? how do you use the time?

by the way I read a lot of Penelope Trunk today. like, a lot.

Ok I’m now off to construct some well-structured reasoning for tomorrow’s need.



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