Just when I think I run out of ideas

I realized I am not running out of ideas. It is just I’m swayed by laziness and auto-circuit of delaying things and eventually not doing it.

But my friend I tell you I am not losing!

What I did this evening:

1. Went out for dinner with colleagues and after some disappointment of closed stores, ate at a place nearby the closed place instead. Had vegetable and chicken soup

2. Follow others to a hypermarket. Bought another Takoyaki. stroll around.

3. Bought a cup of corns. Went back home.

4. Home, took shower and all

5. Open up internet, read up LinkedIn Today posts (nourishment!)

6. Read news on articles Slamming Sheryl Sandberg because her Lean In editor looking for unpaid interns in NYC with very specific quality. which criticized being totally in reverse with Lean-In message at all. (Because for unpaid internship in NYC with regular hours, how could not-so-privileged girls not wedded out? unfair world huh. She, the editor asked for someone highly organized and social chops too. right.)

7. Almost deceived by a hoax post in Facebook that Jackie Chan passed away

8. Remembered to write here


That above, is my evening for today. And No, I didnt succeed yet this morning for early wake up.

I really want to apply that lesson of Duhig, behind a habis is: Cue -> Routine -> Reward . Let’s identify and recognize em!

1. Cue: In-Between conciousness, still on bed, alarm snooze

2. Routine: Let go the willpower to wake up, thinking there are still time, snooze alarm, sleep again

3. Rewards: I can continue my super adventurous dream, sometimes controlling it, feel the pillow on my face, pulling the blanket.

Although I’m not pretty sure about the analysis above, but I’m thinking maybe the problem lies at the snooze button? made me think it is possible to sleep a little bit more, snuggle a little bit more, for another 5 mins. But then it continues to another 5 minutes.. times ten.

Hmm ok I’ll try tomorrow with more reachable standard: 7AM, with no snooze. And yes my Lord God, help me.



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