One dusty day in Paradise

I really got pretty dusty and fought some mosquitoes today. Then I looked up to the clear sky, to the tree tops, stared away to the windows of the newly built room extension.. then I came to me. We should just call this a dusty day. Well I added In Paradise to make sure people know although it’s dusty alright, I’m just happy as I can be.

You get what I mean? No of course.


So lately I read a lot of posts from LinkedIn Today, writen by LinkedIn Influencers. They are, people who have succeed in their business or professional endeavor thus had gathered some wits and wisdoms along the way, and are writing it up in LinkedIn to inspire others. You can find many amazing, interesting people there and listen to them directly!

Among those I read today, I would Recommend:

4 Ways to Succeed in the Peace Corps…and in Marketing

Measure What Matters (Part II)

5 Ways to Wow Execs — Don’t Get Mad, Get Even More Prepared

The articles above are very interesting, and actually insightful for people like me, Gen Y who has just started running things – be it a career or a business.

We young people really need those advises: How to create presentations so the Execs would listen? What are the important things we must look for? What principles do great people live by?

Aren’t we lucky that all the wisdom are now readily available in our finger tips? if only we are to search for it, of course.


And for updates, I did not succeed yet into waking at 6AM today. It was a tough battle. My Phone alarm rang like, let me count it: It started ringing at 5.30, and only at 7:30 I woke up. So that’s 120 minutes, divide by 5 minutes Snooze, it rang.. 24 times.

We’ll put a better fight tomorrow morning. Yes! 




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