On Habits and Craving for Books

By the way, I failed to wake up at 6 AM today. But surprisingly when I went to the church (Went to JPCC today), the sermon was, guess.. about Habit. ABout forming habit. Ps Jose Carol took his material from Charles Duhigg book : The Power of Habit 

Oh wow.Like I got the support from all sides. Divine support I’ll say.

Important lesson I learned is how habit works. it started from Cues, condition that trigger the us to do the routine, to get the Reward. So it’s endless circle of Cues -> Routine -> Reward.

THerefore if we want to change, we need to recognize and identify the Cues/Triggers and Rewards we are seeking from the habit, then only we have a roadmap plan to go around it and make the process to change. Not instantly of course. Habit is formed over time, over some very long time sometimes, and the effort / length of the change process would depend on that as well.

For me, I agree the third points he added: Involve God in the process. It is not an easy thing to do, and even those who already form new habits tripped back in a flash moment. Gotta have that Divine backing and support!

Coming home, I feels like reading books. Like, Good books. Haven’t been holding back for so long due to the high price of imported books price in the country. But hey to think about it: a book actually cost the same or less than a cost of a night out. Ok now I got my logic.

Also found a website that sell imported books online. Price at par with physical bookstores, but it got its edges that it’s.. online. Name of the site is opentrolley.co.id

Another habit I’m forming is to continue writing here. Hey there! wish you a pleasant day, wherever whenever you are. Totally.


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